How to do French Braids Step by Step : How To French Braid Hair

French braid may seem like an intricate design but you will learn here the easy way to pull of this braid hairstyle step by step. When you have got the basic of traditional braiding you can pull it off without much effort. Follow these steps below to learn the easiest process of French braiding..

French braids step by step

Brush your hair to remove all the tangles and make your hair smooth to get ready to braid. You can braid your hair when it is wet or dry, but braiding wet hair would be easier.

Start the process of sectioning your hair gathering a big chunk of the top of your head. You can bring your bangs into the point or leave them loose. Start with a small section and it will grow thicker as you add more hair.

Separate the first chunk into three pieces like the old classic braids. French braids use three sections of your hair. Separate them with your fingers to create even pieces making sure they are not smaller or larger.

Now make out the traditional braid. Get your hands positioned right holding two strands in one hand and the third in other. Now create a few rows of traditional braid. Keep going bringing the other pieces of your hair. Grab some hair from that side including it in the cross over. Every time you cross over work in another piece, doesn’t matter how much you grab. The lesser you gram the more intricate will be your look. Pull out the hair near your face and neck for the best look.

Gather all your hair into the braid. As you work down your head, you will be running out of free hair for the braid. When you reach the nape of your neck you should add all your hair.

This is the last step of finishing the braid. By the time all of your hair is in the working braid to finish it off as a traditional braid. When you reach the end, secure the strands with a pony holder. Try not to use rubber bands because it may cause breakage after removing.

If you thought French is complicated enough to pull off, you will realize that you were wrong. Following this tutorial of French braids step by step you will master the process easily in some time. You just need the basic braiding skills to pull out the French braid.

How to do French Braids Step by Step

Tips To Do French Braids Step By Step

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