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As a general rule, you always want what you don’t have, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our appearance. The ultra skinny may long for curves, while the voluptuous think they should be on a diet of celery and water. And of course, height certainly is no exception to this rule, is it? Shorter women may feel compelled to wear heals to compensate for their shorter statures, while taller women at times feel too embarrassed by their natural altitude to wear some trends for fear of increasing the appearance of their height…which is just beyond WRONG! Tall women get to be on the runway. Tall women get to be supermodels. Tall women get to be amazons and frigging goddesses. When you are blessed with long legs, it’s your duty to show them off. The following are a few fashion tips for tall ladies that gives everyone someone to literally and figuratively look up to. Strut your endowments with pride, and let everyone else develop a Napoleon Complex because of it.

Fantastic Fashion Tips For Tall Ladies

Show Some Skin

There is something so undeniably lovely about a pair of exceptionally long legs paired with shorter shorts. It’s like looking at the sun. They are incredibly attractive and mesmerizing, but people don’t want to get caught staring at them. And sweet Jesus, when they’re also sporting a pair of ultra high heels with them at the same time…it’s almost too much. This combination is especially great for those who feel that their torsos are disproportionately shorter. By drawing attention to your legs and making them the primary focal point of your outfit, no one will even notice the length of the rest of your body no matter how long or short it may actually be.

Worship For The Maxi

The maxi is sticking around and still in the running with 2016’s fashion trends, and this fashion tip is a must for tall ladies everywhere. Maxi skirts and dresses are in truth built with tall women in mind and are very difficult for the shorter ones to pull off due to the fact that they emphasize how short they are. Who doesn’t cringe at the sight of a maxi skirt/dress dragging on the ground because it’s too long? A tall woman in comparison, that’s wearing a maxi looks elegant and graceful since Maxis are tailored just for them and helps flaunt the beauty of their height.

It’s The Pants

It’s been argued that skinny jeans are unsightly on stubbier folk, but I completely disagree. If anything, skinny pants are cute on the vertically challenged and it’s the loose-legged pants that poses the largest threat to their appearance. The reality is skinny pants are meant to emphasize the shape of a woman’s legs while loose cuts focus on the length of them. Tall ladies look like graceful gazelles in loose-legged pants or jeans, and again, they look even more sophisticated when worn with high heels which make this a style that tall women have complete dominion over.

The 5’7” And Higher Emphasis

Since we’ve clearly established that you should be using fashion to show off how long your legs are, there are a few final tools that can take your look even further. The use of vertical lines in optics is proven to give the illusion of length, so when you combine this with your actual height, you will suddenly look like you tower over the Statue of Liberty. Leggings, tights, pants, maxi dresses/skirts that have vertical (and in some cases diagonal) stripes or have a print with a design that appears to be running from top to bottom will add miles to your height. Stretch black thigh high boots with heels can also work wonders for showing off your legs.

Despite how archaic everyone knows the mentality really is, the belief that women should generally be shorter than men still seems to be lingering in the public consciousness (which must really suck for men too). So this means that it’s up to you tall women out there to change the way the world thinks of gender and height. This leaves one final and the most important fashion tip for tall women: you should flaunt your beautiful God given stature and just smile politely at the rest of us who can only fake it and dream.

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4 Fantastic Fashion Tips For Tall Ladies : Tall Styles 2021

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