Dafni Hair Straightening Brushes : The Newzen Hair Straightening Tool

What’s the Dafni Hair Straightening Brush?

The Dafni hair device brush is that the most asked for hair straightening brush out there. it had been the primary on the market, created by Associate in Nursing Israeli company from top quality materials. the opposite hair brush straighteners you see all over area unit essentially a replica of the Dafni, and that they use lower quality elements to bring the worth down (by a lot!)

So, is it very price it?

Let’s determine

Dafni Hair Straightening Brushes

What’s within the Box?

The Dafni encompasses a pretty minimalistic box that options essentially solely the comb itself, Associate in Nursing manual and a bit card labelled “How to Dafni?” that explains the way to get the most effective results from the comb additional thereon later.

The brush I got had a european-style 2 projection plug, however it came with atiny low adapter. i used to be told that the new units area unit shipping with a North American nation cable, therefore no adapter is required.

How to Get the most effective Results with the Dafni?

The Dafni hair straightening brush ought to be used on totally dried hair for best results. Not astonishingly, I conjointly found it works higher once applying an honest macromolecule conditioner. to essentially get the foremost out of the Dafni tho’, what you would like could be a ceratin hair treatment. Doing any at-home ceratin treatment then victimization the Dafni hair straightening brush, i used to be ready to get the most lasting smoothness: even once the air outside could be a bit wet, my hair doesn’t get crisp because it inevitably would typically for some days (let’s face it we have a tendency to all get lazy sometimes)!

The “How to Dafni?” card that you just get with the comb options the subsequent recommendations for best results:

How to Operate the Dafni?

Unlike the opposite hair brush device, the Dafni hair brush device solely has one button to press therefore no temperature choice. You press and hold the button for some seconds to power it on and also the four semiconductor diode lights that circle the button begin flashing RED to allow you to recognize that it’s heating up. once the LEDs light a solid inexperienced, you recognize that it’s able to use. the method is extremely quick. I’d say you get a inexperienced lightweight in but ten seconds.

Dafni Hair Brush device Button RedDafni Hair Brush device Button inexperienced

The Dafni heats up to 365 degrees Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit, that i believe strikes the right balance between straightening capability vs the harm it will do to your hair. another excuse to use a ceratin treatment before victimization any variety of device is that the ceratin looks to make a “shield” round the hair that doesn’t permit it to dry out and break whereas you’re straightening it.

So, is that the Dafni Hair Straightening Brush Any Good?

Like with any device, I invariably get the most effective results if I section out my hair. With the Dafni, a private strand can take around one to two brush strokes before it’s straight to the purpose wherever I’m proud of it. this is often a marked improvement over the opposite hair brush straighteners that typically took some further strokes to induce to an equivalent level of smoothness.

With the Dafni hair brush straighter, I conjointly had no hassle obtaining past the jolting spots round the prime of my head, quickly. With this hair straightening brush, all you have got to try and do is brush the rear of your head some times, and your hair won’t get those creases that you just get with a flat iron.

The bristles on the Dafni hair device are higher designed than the opposite hair brush straighteners: I felt the hair brushed swimmingly at harder angles like once attempting to succeed in the highest a part of the rear of my head.

My hair was flying through the bristles terribly simply, whereas I felt just like the bristles on the opposite hair straightening brushes caused my hair to induce snagged typically, particularly because the red tips of the bristles kind of “lifted” a bit bit with use. No such downside with the Dafni, though, as its bristles area unit all “one piece”.

Also, in contrast to the opposite hair brush straighteners, since the Dafni hair device brush options only 1 button that is found within the middle of the handle, instead of on the aspect, therefore you don’t risk striking it out of the blue. With the opposite hair brush straighteners, I shut off or modified the temperature on the device some times by accidentally pressing the buttons on the perimeters. Not an enormous deal, however this positively makes the Dafni desire a additional refined product.


The Dafni is nearly fourfold as overpriced because the generic hair brush straighteners out there, therefore is it very price it?

In my opinion, if you’re about to be victimization the hair brush device to “refresh” hair that was straightened with a flat iron, or you’re solely going for a “flowy” look, the generic ones would do.

But, if you’re going for a alimentary paste straight look, i believe the Dafni very is on a unique planet. you’ll use it plenty additional and you’ll wholly tell that it’s not damaging your hair the maximum amount because the cheapo straighteners: the temperature is far additional constant, and you actually can’t destroy while not the somewhat deceiving temperature management of the generic hair straightening brushes.

So, all in all, if you would like one thing to interchange your flat iron altogether, the Dafni is that the solely hair straightening brush you must be gazing.