Curly Hair Care Tips To Have Luscious Hair | Healthy Hair Tips

Curly hair requires some special care to keep it right. This type of hair tends to be drier and more tangles than regular straight hair. You need to be careful about washing, conditioning and styling your curly hair. You should limit or control using hair products. Dry cut your hair and cut when it needs to be cut. Curly hairstyles are extremely beautiful and it looks much feminine, if you are blessed with curly hair you should take care of your hair. Here you find some Curly hair care tips to get luscious hair.

Curly Hair Care Tips To Have Luscious Hair

Use shampoo and conditioners designed for damaged hair

Curly hair is dryer than usual hair and because of this reason it has the reason to be damaged. Choose a shampoo brand that is designed with damage control. Damage recovering shampoos include milder ingredients. Buy saloon product, not drugstore products. If you can’t find damage control shampoo, some stores have specialized shampoo for curly hair.

Limit shampooing your hair. You should not shampoo your curly hair every day. Because curly hair is typically dry and it doesn’t need to be washed as often as straight hair, because it can dry out your hair. Shampoo your curls twice in a week and use brush gently to avoid damage. Co-wash your hair regularlyand it means conditioning in the shower without helping shampoo. Curly hair needs moisture and it can be beneficial. Products that contain silicone-based ingredients should be avoided. Such products will be very harsh on your hair. Talk to a dermatologist before you begin co-washing because co-washing may make your condition worse. Keep in mind that while co-washing is for adding moisture it doesn’t clean your hair.Place a shower cap over your head covering your hair fully. When you are done, rinse out the conditioner.

Drying your hair

Dry your hair naturally and try to avoid using blow dryer. After bathing out wrap your hair with a cotton cloth or towel to absorb the water and dry out with natural air. If you bath before sleeping, pull your hair and create an updo to let it dry overnight.

Styling your curly hair

Try to use a diffuser when you blow dry your hair because it helps to usually dispenses the airflow of the blow drier. Place a diffuser over your hair before starting the drying process. Always remember to apply heat protectant. Start diffusing at the roots and stop at the midway point to give your hair extra volume. Do not usually blow dry your hair and limit it twice a week using lower setting.

Detangle your hair with the help of your fingers and a wide-toothed comb. Do not use something like a brush as it may damage your hair. Regular brushing is not appropriate for curly hair and it can cause split ends with fizziness. Work with your finger and wide- toothed comb to manage tangles. Start the detangling process at the end of your hair, because brushing at the roots can create pain and breakage.

Using products

Use a heat protectant gel and lower heat setting when using a straightener or blow dryer. Never set the temperature higher than 400 degrees and if your iron has controllable settings, use the lower. Choose gels and creams to style and moisturize your hair and you can use only a small amount of anti-frizz serum in your hair.

Request a dry cut at salons

Curly hair looks are different when it is wet than it is dry. Ask your hair expert or saloon for a dry cut if the look doesn’t change after the cut. It will assure you that your cut remains same after reaching home.