Expert Tips for Creating a Sexy Halloween Vampire Look

When it comes to Halloween costumes vampires are always the first choice. The vampires of twilight saga, true blood or the fangs are great. The vampire costume could be quite sexy. If you want all the sexiness of the vampire look, bloody fangs, funky eyes will help you get a dark and sexy makeup look. The Vampires Dress will get all the attention of the party and you will wish if it could be worn all year around. The glittering dress is designed with a dramatic collar, a sequined choker necklace and a lace eye mask. The dress evokes an alluring air of mystery. You can add fangs to get a perfect Vampiress Dress in this Halloween.

Expert Tips for Creating a Sexy Halloween Vampire Look

Eye makeup:

Your first milestone to reach is getting the right eye makeup to be a sexy vampire. Start with applying concealer. Use a brush to apply eye shadow. Choose a darker color like gray or blackish. Use a pencil to work on the lash line. Use a blush all over the eyes. Choose a purple like blush. Use extra eye lashes to get more vampire look that is sexy and hot. Wear lens of any vampire colors like brown or blue.

Face makeup:

Face makeup is not so important, so get a normal makeup you do every day. Make sure to get glowing face with reddish blush on cheeks. You don’t have to do a lot on your face.


Now move on to lips and get a dark color lipstick like purple, black or brown. Use black to feel like a sexy vampire. Use a pencil to line your lips with different color. Paint fake blood on your lower lip like vampires and get a pair of fake fangs.

You are done with makeup. But a perfect makeup might not be right for a perfect look. You have to take care of some other aspects like your hair, nails and outfits. Get messy hairs like vampires because they don’t have sleek and shiny hair. Buy a vampire dress from online to express your vampire beauty. Take care of your nail. If you don’t have real long nails get fake nails for the Halloween night to complete your sexy vampire look. Nails give you a flawless beauty and they are much suitable for vampire look.