Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

My hunts for the straightening irons have let me examine several different straightening irons of a lot of brands from the range of cheap and expensive. I have researched a lot and I spend a lot of money on less expensive option. So that, I prefer to carry an iron that is cheap and good at his job too, I don’t want to lose my expensive products.  One of my friends has mega bouncy curls and that was curlier than me. I heard about Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Flat Iron from her.

She gave me a good review and she said it did a great job of getting through her curly hair. After hearing everything I decided to have this product for myself. I gathered more information about the product and found it has tourmaline coated plates which are a great development over the other alternatives. I also have discussed with one of my expert hair specialist who also gave me a great review for this hair Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Flat Iron. I have put together this flat iron comparison table. With a glance, you may check out the features you’re looking for and then click through to my review of hair straighteners you’re interested in or use the handy link to go right on to or to check the current price, consumer hair straightener ratings and specs.

Having this product you’ll know which hair straightener is best for your hair type, in no time at all. This product may come with your budget!

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Flat Iron Review

Feel Free to choosethe size

One of the most cool features of this product is it comes in three different sizes. These are standard sizes for straightening your hair and each different size comes in different colors. As my hair isn’t long enough I will go for 1 or 1.5 inch to justify the massive pallets. You have longer hair you can opt for the 2 inch version to get through your hair perfectly.You can suggest this product to anyone with this type of hair.

Tourmaline Gets HOT

Tourmaline plates are reluctant to hot spots, and if given adequate time to heat up the iron would stay hot all over as long as it’s on. The product can get up to 446 degrees which is pretty high according to the price. Overall the product get hot is a very short time and is very much beneficial for you and your hair.

Heats Up in a short time

The heat up time of this product is somehow interesting, because it is interesting and beneficial. Some of the best irons I had used taken more time to heat up, so I am always one search to find a straightening iron that work faster easier. If you are like me and want some extra time to sleep in the morning this could help you. Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Flat Iron heats up instantly and stays so. I have never used an iron like this that heats up quickly within 20 seconds.

I thought the product was incredible when I first saw it; then I saw this updated version. I don’t know that I’ve ever had an iron that heats up that quickly, and I have had every kind of flat iron out there.

Heat Shield May Be a Magic

This cool feature of the straightener iron has something special that will make your husband happy. This iron product comes with a heat shield that will protect countertops from heat while the iron is still cooling down. Many have problem of forgetfulness like me, so this feature will help. The ceramic plates limit the temperature and the product is not that much harmful for your hair.

Floating Makes It Faster

The floating plates on the flat iron should make it simpler for users to straighten their hair because the non-fixed plates are somehow more smooth and able to grip hair more.This Tourmaline Flat Iron has some across complain, that the plates don’t float smoothly and that is not fun at all. Older irons used to grip hair a lot but the newer one tends to omit that. Maybe the problem only happened in a defined production amount because most people are pretty happy with Infiniti Pro, but there are a few who don’t work at all which is disappointing. I had a straightener that had to be squeezed together with all the power in order to get the plates to actually touch my hair.

You may face the problem only happened in a specific production batch, because most people are pretty happy with Infiniti Pro. There are a few people who gives some negative reviewsaying that “it doesn’t work at all”, which is disappointing. I had a straightener at a time that had to be squeezed together with all the might in the world in order to get the plates to actually touch my hair. It is needless to say, after a few attempts and a seriously exhausted hand, I gave up.

Extremes are EXTREME

This hair straightener is not for the sensitive hair but many people’s hair is sensitive to the temperature and this won’t be the right option for them. It has a wide range of temperature setting and has a tendency to get stuck. My hair can take a lot of hits so I am comfortable with this. Consider this thing before get into trouble. You may suggest this product to your relatives but you have to give a great concern to the hair types of them.

Plenty of Options for the Price

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Flat Iron is available at lesser price in less than 40 dollars, which is a great price with quality. It can be your tour mate if it doesn’t turn out to be an everyday straightener.It runs at less than $30, which is an excellent price for the quality. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be an everyday straightener, it probably can’t hurt to have one with you when going on a trip.

Considering all the features this iron straightener offers a lot options in lower price. If you don’t waste much time on straightening and you want to do it in a shorter period of time then you could rather try an iron at lower price before jumping into big money. This ceramic flat straightener could be the best for you. You may compare this product with the other products in the market and it sure that you’ll find the product