9 Christmas Party Tips For Corporate Christmas Celebration

Looking for Christmas party tips? Christmas parties are more like a ritual at the end of the work year. It is in fact a way of conveying gratitude for all the hard work that has been put into throughout the year. So relax, and enjoy the celebrations all provided by the organization. Christmas parties are organized to end the year on a positive note and encourage employees to start afresh next year with increased morale and productivity. So we have come up with live saving Christmas party tips.

9 Christmas Party Tips For Corporate Christmas Celebration


Talking about it is one thing planning a corporate Christmas party is in fact challenging like any frat party and more! Chief concern is how to organize properly, and there are a lot of pieces to be put together, from deciding favorable date and time to adding right kind of entertainment. Here we are with Christmas party tips you’re your corporate house, Check them out!

1. Set the Right Date and Time

Given that every companies will arrange their own corporate Chirstmas parties in or around the same time of year. On those winter holidays party centers will be busy, In fact many hosting multiple private and corporate Christmas parties. Let alone the early bookings of event management companies. So you have to make sure to plan a date and time depending on the availability of your preffered venue. Another thing to consider before planning a date and time is even no bacteria wants to come back to work the right after the office Christmas party! So contact human resource for Christmas vacation information.

2. Ask for Feedback on the Previous Year’s Party

Things will be easier for you if somehow you can know what people are looking forward to your party, J7ust go and ask them. Make up a short and simple questionnaire like:

What did you enjoyed most of last year’s Christmas party?

What would you like to see again?

What hated most about last year’s Christmas party?

People will give their feedback if asked appropriately and obviously their responses will help make an awesome corporate Christmas party. But there is a chances you get conflict of interest such as preference of food/music/games etc. You cannot incorporate everyone’s ideas, can you? Try to work the greater common ideas from the feedback.

3. Try a Theme

The basic theme would be “Christmas”! Traditionally everyone dressed in their Christmas best and indulge into a party with cookies, sweet treats Christmas carols, and so on. If you are doing the same thing as everyone, then how come you are different, right? Here are few ideas you can consider:

  • Alpine Ball- Alpine Balls are glamorous surroundings of an Alpine Ball. Let the party-bee enjoy the classy exclusive Alpine ski resort.
  • Retro – Just bring back the era of Prohibition! Or any era you like. Ask venue manager for mood lights to complement overall theme.
  • Tropical – Tropical as theme for a change can earn praise? In lieu of typical stuffy Christmas party, go for bright lights, install heat and enjoy tropical theme.
  • Winter! – Hey get artificial white snows everywhere, and bring an ice luge to serve the alcohol, cold snacks, icy drinks, and sparkling white.

4. Have an Ample Budget

Money is no problem! Like you have had on the frat or bachelor parties, corporate house are ready to take care of their employees in most pleasurable manner at least once a year. However, you may have an adequate budget but if you don’t utilize properly, party soaks money and you don’t get the fun.

  • Tip 1 go and look for affordable shops. We never mean “get the cheapest”, but it means look for the vendors (venues, caterers, entertainment, décor, etc.) who offers thee best value on money!
  • Tip 2 Best for you if you get all-in-one services. try to find vendors that provide everything rather going door to door for so many things you need to rock the party. The bundled costs is way cheaper than number of different vendors.
  • Step 3: Spend on essentials first. Most people will go crazy with the music and plenty of food and drinks. These are must for party, so assign bulk of your budget to those things. Décor, venues, and extras will follow in order.

5. Choose a Unique Venue

Environment of your party is equally important as catering or music. Venue determines the air of party. You choose for yourself and specify your preference. You can choose from few options:

Party halls: These venues are there to hosting parties, They are highly customizable and turned into fun and dancing!

Out-of-town: Get out of the city and go somewhere new and fresh. You can even make a day of it at some remote venue where your employees can bring their families!

Activities. Think paintball, laser tag, trampoline parks, shooting ranges, and anywhere people can do something fun and new.

Go for a venue that is fresh and different to make this Christmas party one to remember!

6. Don’t Skimp Out on the Food and Drink

Do not neglect the catering whatsoever as it the soul of a party. Wondering what to add on the menu? Just give them what they want! Find a caterer that can provides delicious, high quality food. Don’t for too many fancy dishes, but give them foods and drinks they enjoy most. Make it a party for and plenty off course!

7. Have Someone Manage the Event

Having someone doing your job for the big day releases pressure off your shoulder and give you enough freedom to enjoy yourself. The organization may assign anybody to run things smoothly, or you can hire a coordinator to ensure that everything goes without any hitch.

You may think that this is not necessary but in a party there are many things that can go wrong without any previous notice! Such as equipment serving staff, facilities or literary anything! so you need someone who can stand up if problem occurs.

8. Send Out Invitations Well in Advance

People start thinking about their Christmas and holiday plans a long before last day of work  If you asking everyone to attend the work Christmas party, you have send invitation as soon as possible. Start planning the event as early as possible. If possible make it in mid of the year.

9. Hire the Right Entertainment

Most party planners would go for hiring DJs or a band, but what if your employees aren’t willing to go for a dancing, why not go for something different this year Let me think! Oh yeah, what about hiring an acting troupe, a stand-up comedian or a magician, Try thinking out of the box. You will definitely find something out!

What you make of these treats? Can you figure out any outline? Did they help you. Let us know. Thank for staying with us.