6 Alluring Christmas Eye Makeup Tips to Try This Year

Eye makeup is always an important thing to complete the makeup process. In any kind of festival like Christmas you may like to wear a gorgeous eye makeup. You must be searching for some glowing eye makeup tips for your eyes in this Christmas. It might be a skillful task for the women with sensitive or irritating eyes. We are here to offer you some dazzling eye makeup tips to try in this Christmas.



There is a reason we love decoration on Christmas trees and ropes of lights around our houses. They make everything look beautiful and glowing. The same is applicable for highlighting makeup. Sweep a glittering powder over your cheekbones below brow bone and inner corner of the eyes in order to get shimmer. Go for a pink based highlighter for light skin and golden tones for medium to dark skin tones.


Brows are an important thing to frame your face which adds combining the hairs and filling in bare spots. Try a handy brow grooming kits like tarte the toolbox which comes furnished with tweezers, stencils, mirror, brush, pencils, brow powder and wax for the finishing touch.

French Manicure

What could be better for the holidays than a French manicure restored with luminescent options of the regular pink and white colors? You will get the same glowing effect but incorporated with an extra twinkle gesture.


The trick is to swap your pencil for a liquid or gel liner.Use a makeup remover to make your eye-lids oil/grease free to ensure a smudge-proof application with the eyeliner. Keeping the eyes open; look right into the mirror and the outer corner of the eyes In order to get the perfect wing. If you can’t hold your hand steady, create little dashes along the lash line and get back and join them. Try to apply the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible. You can choose a pencil eyeliner as it is soft and creamy. Smudge it while applying so that it looks more natural. Little bit aged people are reluctant to use eyeliner so go for more subtle colors like brown and grey and apply lots of mascara to finalize the look.

Sultry Cat Eye

The simplest option is going for exactly what you need. If you want a look that is suited with any outfit, any party this cute cat eye is the way to go.

Blue Lash Lines

How about beating the Christmas with blues! I am meaning that, instead of using the boring old black, browns and copper lash colors, you can play with a little teal and blue to make the look appealing. Lash lines in blue makes the eyes sexy and bigger also.

The dazzling Christmas mystery makeup miniature actually isn’t the most shocking part of this story. Aside from this majestic Christmas scene, you can get an alien look for this Christmas.

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