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Chi straightener : CHI Flat Irons : Best Hair Straightener

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The chi hair straightener one best and popular brand in the world of flat irons. There are many professional grade hair straighteners from this brand. The company was established in 1986 and according to the website they stated that they wanted to develop a safer alternative to chemically straighten hair. This brand found the holy grail of flat iron material, ceramic. They were the first to release ceramic plate hair straightener in twenty years ago. They changed the face of styling forever. The chi ceramic flat irons remain a gold slandered in the world of straightening. Chi flat irons use proven ionic technology of tourmaline combining with their world famous ceramic plates. It leaves your hair silky straight for hour to hour. The different sizes of plates allow you to style your hair just as you want. You can know the features and the comments before you head out to buy a product.

Hey busy girls, are you looking for hair straightener what can manage your hair quickly and easily. But it is difficult to get right things for you. Here is a solution for you that buy a CHI Flat IronsChi straightener.  It can do your task within short time.

What is chi straightener/ CHI Flat Irons

Chi straightener is a hair straightening tool that can not only straightening your hair but also make curls and crimp in your hair.  You can use CHI Flat Irons/ Chi straightener for multipurpose fashion. Buying this hair straightening tool would be proving worth saving money investment that you have ever made.

Features of the chi straightener /CHI Flat Irons

CHI Flat IronsChi striaghtener  is mostly updated and commonly used hair straightening device in the market. It is featured in multipurpose fashion.  The features of the CHI Flat Irons/chi straightener are given below:

  • Build with ceramic plate, what helps to seal your hair cuticles, besides preventing damage
  • Featured with 360 degree spin connection with ergonomic design
  • Light weight features for convenient use
  • Even temperature usage while using
  • Versatile using purpose: hair dryer, hair styler, hair curler and straightener
  • Circuit breaker and space age installation, allows ceramic plates to heat up
  • Various color option
  • Small in size makes it easy to carry


People with richly colored hair sometimes get worried about heat treatment that will fade dull or discolor the beautiful natural hue of the locks. Chi flat iron reviews on black hair and other rich colors confirms that customers had faced no problem.


Most of the users are impressed with the instant heating technology or the quick reach of hot temp. Almost every model comes with different heat settings to find a suitable temperature.

Lasting Power

Some users said that they had been using their CHI hair straighteners for many times and they are working for 6 years. This thing will make you satisfied and you will be wondered.

The Result

I saw a review from a guy who bought a set of CHI flat iron for his wife. The review was just good and I liked it. Men are not good to choose a good flat iron.

Some of the best models from this brand

CHI Original Pro 1” – Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline

CHI original pro ceramic ionic tourmaline flat iron is great for those who are looking for a great product. Tourmaline flat iron is surely the right straightener for you. It is great working wonderfully on all types of hair. It is high heat content, combined with the tourmaline ceramic. It makes a great choice for you to use in both salon and home.

Most of the girls who are buying this product will like to use it at home. The tourmaline ceramic makes up the heating plates emit a lot of negative ions. It is best for the frizzy hair for straighter and more manageable hair. CHI Original Pro 1” – Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline seems to be the best flat iron that many people enjoyed using.

CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic – Keratin Gold with Free Gifts

Consider this as the Golden Choice in Flat Irons. CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Keratin Gold with Free gifts is truly a beautiful option if you’re in the market for a flat iron. It has the capabilities like other CHI products. The great thing about this product is it comes with stylish gold color and bonus hair treatment. This is perfect for the people who want their style to be last for long. The tourmaline plates are used to help your style hold for a couple of days. It stays longer than any other flat irons. It contains the well-known ingredient keratin, that will make your hair look better, and will keep the style longer. All the style conscious girls should get this CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Keratin Gold. The negative thing is the gold paint can flake off. Despite this issue the product is just great.

CHI Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Hairstyling Iron 1 Inch

You can use this product as An All-Purpose Iron. CHI Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline I inch iron is a great choice of flat iron for everyone for the beginners to expert. It’s a saloon quality flat iron created with tourmaline plates infused with silk for smoother hair. The plates are wide enough to work easily with the bangs.

CHI Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline is great for the beginners. It is not only easy to use, it is designed to use at home for the beginners. It won’t damage your hair and it will leave shine and sleek hair taming down the frizz.

The only real problem is that it has not the auto shut off technology and the wide plates can be a problem for the thicker hair but it is certainly usable. If you don’t have any forgetfulness problem like me than you can use this product. Who are using this product already won’t ask for a better one. The usability and the combined heating work just beautifully.

How to use chi straightener/ CHI Flat Irons

If you want to keep your Chi straightener last for long time you need to ensure its proper use. Proper use of your straightener will last it for long time and will save your money in future. Here is clear instruction that you should follow to keep chi straightener safe for longer period of time.

Clean your chi straightener after every use of it. It is seen that we often leave our hair straightener after using it. As a result of these hair products especially gels and creams lean into the machine what makes it sticky and later cause damage of your hair straightener. So make sure to clean it after every use to ensure is longer use.
Before cleaning your CHI Flat Irons/ Chi straightener , leave it for few  minutes , so that it gets cool. Unplug all the devices from the hair straightener, and then start cleaning. Use soft and clean cloth to clean it

While cleaning leave the heat resistant area and object that is made up of plastic, otherwise it may melt in the presence of heat. Be careful while cleaning it.  Do not rub or shake it. Gently rub the plate to clean it and wipe out the dirt.

Do not entangle the power cord with the machine. This may prove harmful to your device and can loosen the cord.

Do not place the device at the edge of the table or dressing table. Falling of it will cause permanent hair damage of your hair.

Store it safely after its use. Make sure let it cool down and cleaned properly after use, then remove the entire device from the plate and store it in its packet. Secure a safe place in your dressing table chest, as you are going to use it frequently.

The only thing that causes hesitation in buying this device is, it is high in price in comparison with others available hair straightener in the market.   But you can consider it in thinking about its facilities that is going to give you every day. Moreover, buying this device you can get relief from buying and using so many tools for your hair managing purpose.  As a multi-tasker , it will dry your hair, straightening, crimping and curling altogether. This is why, chi straightener/CHI Flat Irons is the best choice for the busy working girls in recent period of time.

Chi straightener : CHI Flat Irons : Best Hair Straightener