CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron to Enhance Hair Beauty

There are a lot of many good flat irons in the market and I was desperately searching for the best hair straightener and finally discovered the brand CHI. They were the first ceramic irons to bang on the market. They are still the biggest name in hair straightening tools though the struggle with other brands in the market is much harder than before.As the name implies, this product is truly a classic version of CHI irons due to its incredible features. If you tend to make a list of the best hair straighteners, this brand should be on the top. The CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron is easy to handle and it heats up in a moment.

It is light, weight, and equipped with tourmaline ceramic plates which are known to give quick results with long lasting shine.And it comes in two beautiful colors; Onyx Black and Reddish Pink. It can take on even the most disheveled hair. It’s easy to close the plates, and has a maximum temperature of 410 degrees and the handle does not get hot like other flat irons. It has a cool feature of shutting down automatically after an hour with 8ft power cord, led indicator and adjustable temperatures dial.This product is considered to provide the best value for money.

CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron to Enhance Hair Beauty


Story of CHI

The first CHI’s brand were all black with a light brown color on ceramic plates and now they come in a wide range of colors nut the quality are still the same. The tool heats up quite fast but not as fast as some new instant heater brands. The product will stay hot as far as you need to.Tourmaline enables you to the ever best smooth straightened hair with exactly no crinkles and snags which you may face in the other irons.

Keeping Your Heat adjustable

This product has heat controls spotted inside the housing, so you don’t hit them with your hand during the usage. It has a cool feature of shutting down automatically after an hour with 8ft power cord, led indicator and correcting temperatures dial. CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron doesn’t get too hot as like as other irons, but it might be a good thing. Some other irons in the market within this price range can be heated up to 450 degrees which is needed for some people for their hair. You can get any style what you want with this hair straightener tool.

Ceramic Heat Hits The Spot

This product is unbeatable in the sector of heat distribution on the solid ceramic plates. It is so good that it would be difficult to find any difference between this iron and any other hottest iron. There are no hotspots in this product as the plates stay consistent. You don’t need to touch up after a few minutes and if you don’t have hotspots you may get an even look.

Ceramic Meets Tourmaline

Surely the heat distribution is reinforced by the recent addition of tourmaline to standard plates. The mineral product Tourmaline is crushed up and layered on top of the plates that forms a barrier that provides both heat and consistent and a great smooth surface. The sleeker your surfaces the more you get comfort to get straighten. This tourmaline is a mineral or gemstone that’s crushed up and layered on top of the plates. Once it hardens, it forms another barrier that provides both consistent heat and an incredibly smooth surface.

Get your hair straight and go

One of the cool features you will like about the straightener is it does its job rapidly. I like the things quickly and efficiently and you should like it too, because that means you will get more time for sleep in the morning and more time to do some other things or to talk with someone. You should sign up with me if you want to cut out more times of your daily hair straightening.

Good Size for styling

You can use your CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron to do more than straightening. The smaller housing allows you to straighten, curl and wave without any other extra kits. Many irons have a big bulky housing that makes it hard to style out of the deal, but this product is small enough to do several types work. This classic straightener would give your hair a great size for doing latest styles and for being modern.

Priced good

The price of the product isn’t bad but it’s not the best. Chi irons are usually low priced but most probably it will work for a decade. You can buy it comparing with other products on market. This brand has held its price for over 10-20 years tells me there must be something to their staying power.

Trendy While Being Classic

This feature might not be so important but I like the features that the iron comes in five different colors and styles. Colors have nothing to deal with the straightening but it might be trendy and it’s great to have options. You can choose among several different colors like black, purple, pink, green and blue.

Chi Halting

There are things to look out for is there are people who say they stop working after about a year and sometimes less. Obviously, it’s something to consider before your purchase. I’m not spending about $100 on an iron to be without it after just a year. I have had $60 or $70 irons last me much longer than that, so I’m wary of irons that wear out in such a short amount of time. This product may not match with me but it may match with your expectations.

Don’t Get Burned

It won’t burn u unless you do something unnecessary things. The thing to be wary of is the housing on these does not provide the kind of protection that some other irons do which means it can get pretty hot from the outside too. It isn’t a major problem but if your negligence takes part in it you may get hurt. So, while styling your hair, for safety you may get a protective glove.

Chi Everlasting

You cannot give up a search for a hair straightener without seriously considering a CHI, and I think this one does a pretty good job of proving. These products have been more or less the same for the last decade or two, and there is no sign of them changing any time soon.

Pros and cons of the CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron

Pros :

This CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron enables you to wide heating range.It has tourmaline diffused with ceramic plates. This product leaves your hair very shiny and smooth. it is very much  versatile.


Also this CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron may not be the best option for very thick and frizzy curly hair since it cannot get hot over 410F.As in case of other flat irons, You may need to be a bit more careful and attentive while using it or you may also use gloves because, Its housing gets a bit hot after some use.

CHI products have good reviews everywhere and this Classic Flat Iron is built well to last for a long time. With all the above mentioned information, It is sure that this review article has dealt with your confusion of buying it or not. chi air expert classic tourmaline ceramic flat iron is truly a good choice at a reasonable price.