5 Best Celebrity Hair Colors To Try : Hair Color Ideas and Styles for 2020

Fashion has been made easy today. You don’t have to go to a fashion school to come out in style. We have people whose work is design and redesign fashion so that we can just adopt and get on with life in a stylish way. If you are looking for a brilliant hair color design all you need to do is look at the different celebrity hair colors and try out the best for you hair and you are good to go. Celebrities take a time to create new hair colors designs for popularity and to have them trending. Therefore there are so many designs you can borrow from and here we have presented you the five best celebrity hair colors to try in 2016..


5 Best Celebrity Hair Colors To Try : Hair Color Ideas and Styles for 2020

Best Celebrity Hair Colors To Try 2016

1-Rainbow bangs

Rainbow bangs simply mean getting more than one color on your bangs. It’s a bold move and an easy way of making a statement. The beauty of rainbow bangs is that no specific color is required. All you have to do is get creative, play around with your favorite colors. You will need to go to a professional colorist though. Keke Palmer, for instance, did a baby blue splash on her bangs. This complemented her dark hair as well as her skin color. This suits those who want a hair color change but do not want to draw so much attention to them. Amber le bon did a mix of pink, orange and yellow bangs. This not only begs for attention, they practically shout festivity. For the bold ones looking for a hair change that makes a bold statement. Here’s one for you.

2- Dip dye

Deep dye involves you dying just a small length of your hair. There is no standard length to be dyed in a deep dye. The length will depend on your hair type, the color you want and the effect you desire. You will have to talk it out with your colorist and decide on something that compliments you. Miranda Lambert took a bold move by dip-dying her blond hair pink just after news broke out that her ex-husband was dating Gwen Stefani. This was quite a way to make a statement and turn her fun’s attention to her and not her ex-husband’s affair. Gwen steffaani also made a bold move of dip-dying her hair purple and black. This gave her a classy look, but also gave her positive attention. Gigi Hadid did a splash of baby blue dip dye on her hair. This suits the shy ones who want a hair color change that does not draw too much attention.

3- Ronze

Ronze is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown. You could decide to do a change to your whole hair, not just a part of it. If you want to dye it all, go for bronze. For the light skinned ones, go for a vibrant and colorful version of this color. Go for a color like julianne Moore’s. It complimented her skin color well. If you are of the darker complexion, go for a darker shade. You know, like what Rihanna did. She had a darker shade of ronze and rocked it. The beauty of ronze is that it goes with all complexions. You just have to talk it out with your specialist and come up with a shade that suits your complexion well.

4- Eggplant

This color suits those who have a dark hair color and do not want to stray too far from their original hair color. It’s true that having dyed hair is now the in thing but not all want extreme colors. The reason behind this is simple. The more colorful the dye is, the longer it takes to have the color removed and the more expensive it is.

5- Platinum

This trend is not going anywhere soon. It gives whoever is wearing it a look that is to die for; edgy yet feminine. It makes you have the attention without looking too desperate for it. The beauty of this is that you do not have to worry about shades of platinum that goes with your complexion. All you have to do is decide the hairstyle you will wear. Anne Hathaway wore this to the red carpet and was simply beautiful. However, you will have to decide with your specialist which hairstyle to put on with your dyed platinum hair.

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