Brazilian Hair Straightening | Best Hair Straightening Methods

We always try to get updated with various important tips, so that our readers can get necessary information before going with any process or any method can take their proper decision and would not face any problem after starting to go with any process. They can be careful. Today we are going to introduce with a hair straightening method. I will not say you to go with this process, or to go with this process.

Brazilian Hair Straightening

I will just say that, before going with this process, think carefully. If you think that you will be able to adjust with this process then you may start planning with this process. Well, I think after reading the title you have understand about which we are going to discuss. Yes, it is Brazilian hair straightening which is also is called Brazilian straightening, Brazilian Keratin Treatment Keratin Cure.

It’s a semi-permanent hair straightening method processed by briefly taping a liquid keratin and a preservative solution with a flat iron. The most important information which is necessary to give you very fast before discussing it with you in details is, this is not popular right now because of using chemicals. Some types of these treatments with excessive formalin have been banned in several countries including EU and Canada. It is still performed in USA under some rules and regulations with controversy. Brazilian hair straightening treatment eliminates frizz and straighten the hair permanently that last for 3 months. These keratin-based treatments are performed on all types of chemically-treated and virgin hair. If it can be done correctly 80-90% of curls can be straightened on first attempt. Depending on the treatment you might have to keep your hair away from water and packed in order to get the best result.

Occupational safety and health hazard alert

In acknowledgement to an investigation into complaints from stylists and hair professionals about exposure to formaldehyde while using straightening products such as Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy and Marcia Teixeira. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted air sampling at multiple salons and found formaldehyde in the air when stylists were using hair smoothing products. Many products were labeled as no formaldehyde and some had no warning about formaldehyde. If experts or salon owners decide to use products that contain formaldehyde, they have to follow OSHA’s formaldehyde and hazard communication standards to protect worker safety.

How does it work?

Let’s see the working process of this method. Observe carefully whether your hair is thick, curly, or frizzy, you might consider getting your hair chemically straightened. The pricey parlor services have recently come under fire for causing some horrifying side effects with hair damage. You should know a lot before stepping ahead. You should know how Brazilian hair straightening works and which type of skin and hair does it suit. Every strands of your hair is made of keratin a naturally occurring protein. Chemical treatments like Brazilian method affect the way of grouped chains of keratinare held together to effectively de-coil each strand.There are several types of in-salon chemical straightening and smoothing treatments. The process involves coating each strand with a strong chemical. As it uses strong chemicals you have the greatest risks in terms of damaging your hair. The semi-permanent Brazilian hair straightening treatment can last 3 to six months. This process will not give you pin straight hair but will significantly reduce curls, frizz, and styling time with results that stand up to humidity. The process takes two to three hours but you might not get the best blowout. The process starts by shampooing your hair and then applying chemicals to your dry or damp hair section by section. Then blow dries and use hair straightener with high temperature. Your hair will be shiny, smooth and silky; in opposite it could be greasy and spread smells of chemical. Many chemicals those are used in Brazilian hair straightening contain toxic elements which can cause several problems like burning eyes, difficulty breathing, and burning sensations. Formaldehyde can cause cancer and it has been banned in several countries like Canada and EU. As it described above this a semi-permanent straightening method and everyone can’t get guaranteed straight hair. You may have to spend 250 to 800 bucks to do the process. Choosing the perfect saloon or hair expert is most important to get the expected result.

This straightening process is not worth of short term or long term side effects. You will not get pin straight hair and you have to take care of your hare after the process. Beauty experts are recommending finding alternatives of this Brazilian hair straightening regarding to health issue. Overall this process is not for all and you have to think twice before straightening your hair with this process.


You have already learned completely about this process. You need a high level of maintenance to adjust with this process properly which may occur time wasting and much difficult which may not possible in your busy life. On the other hand, I will say that if you want to go with any process to increase your beauty then it will be better for you to go with such process which is recommended by the top level of exporters and avoid those process which not usually not liked by exporters. So, why you will waste your time by going with such process where there is much risk of damaging your hair where there are more better and safe options for you.