Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment At Home : Easy Solution For You!

What is Brazilian Hair Straightening?

Brazilian Hair Straightening is a technique we use to straighten our curly, overactive hair. This system involves using a preservative solution, mixing it with liquid keratin and applying it to your hair. Once the solution is applied, you use a hot hair iron to seal the combined solution into your hair.

Sounds fun, right? You shouldn’t expect to get the exact appearance you’re looking for out of your first attempt, but repeating the process will help you obtain your desired results.

Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment At Home

What does it do?

The Brazilian Hair Straightening technique uses a chemical solution to assist in straightening your frizzy, wavy, and unruly hair. Each time you apply the treatment, it can last anywhere from ten to twelve weeks. You’ll have to use a re-treatment towards the end of the cycle to maintain the great results you receive.

This system is safe to perform on all types of hair, whether you’ve recently used another chemical treatment on your hair or not. Even if you’ve had any of the following treatments applied to your hair recently, you will have no problems using a Brazilian Hair Straightening system:

1) Bleaching

2) Colouring

3) Highlighting

4) Perming

5) Relaxing

Keep in mind that the technique itself does not guarantee entirely straight hair with the first application. However, repeated treatments will give your hair a sleek, smooth, attractive look. Depending on the amount of initial wave and the over-all length of your hair. It’s not impossible to reduce up to 80% of your beginning curl. Not to mention that maintaining the look you desire with this technique is rather easy.

You should avoid a list of everyday activities immediately after treatment. It is crucial to the success of the system and will improve the results you receive. Remember, it may take up to 72hrs for the process to fully take hold. Read the instructions provided with your particular Brazilian Hair Straightening product carefully. The product you use should have instructions to assist you in determining how long to avoid these activities.

Avoid doing any of the following:

1) Do not wash or wet your hair – even through exercise.

2) Avoid tucking your hair behind your ears.

3) Do not use a hair clip, ponytail holder or headband.

Performing any of these actions once the treatment gets applied to your hair will drastically affect the performance of the product and the outcome you receive. So, pay close attention to your quirks and stop yourself from ruining the treatment!

Are there any long-term effects?

Even though this method of hair straightening gives your hair a straight, smooth appearance. Using this technique over an extended period will leave your hair damaged, with a dry, brittle texture. You’ll need to grow your hair out and remove the treated hair by cutting it, just like you would for split ends.

Health Concerns?

There are several warnings and alerts concerning the use of similar products online. The technique itself remains banned in several countries including, Canada and the European Union. However, several products are 100% safe to use.

Avoid using any products that contain “Formaldehyde” and “Aldehydes” above 0.001% in leave-on products and up to 0.01% in rinse-off products. Any products containing higher amounts of these chemicals must identify correctly on their labels. Proper products will be labeled “Formaldehyde Free” in most cases.

The Brazilian Hair Straightening technique is perfectly legal to use in the United States. Our Food and Drug Administration, OSHA and several other organizations work tirelessly to maintain a risk-free product line for your use.


These products have the ability to provide you with the sleek, sexy appearance that you desire. Take the time to properly research the product you want to use and use it correctly to ensure its safety. Let’s get started with straightening out hair, shall we?