How to Blow Dry Hair At Home : Best Blow Drying Tips

A blow dry at a salon is always wonderful-it goes for whole day grooming! But when tried at home, it appears to be fussy. Many complained it as flat and messy. This article is dedicated to life-saving tips and tricks on how to blow dry straight hair a home.. Blow drying at home is not that hard as it may seem. So let’s start:

What you need:

*A nice Round brush

* A good hair dryer with a nozzle.

* Argan oil, mousse and volumizing spray.

* Rubber bands or clips

primaty brief to a perfect blow out at home:

  • Get a shower; towel dry your hair to get rid of extra water; then put up your necessary products. For a voluminous blow-dry, put in mousse all out your hair, roots to end. Then spritz a volumizing spray at the roots and a little argan oilat the ends for heat protection.
  • Having applied all the products, dry your hair as much as possible with a hair dryer. While drying use your hands, do not use the brush. Rough dry it almost entirely. If you want volume and don’t want the hair to be slicked to your head, Focus on the roots and blow dry upwards.


  • Then divide your hair into clean sections. They should not be not too big and not to small either; not wider than the width of the brush or taller than the depth of the brush. Put each section into a high bun, except section at the back.
  • Use the areally good hair dryer, begin with the back sections of your head with a nozzle. Start from the roots; wrap your hair around the brush once the entire section. For a better grip, start with the roots, then mid shaft, and then go for the ends. Make sure that the roots are dried first with the brush, and then make sure that the mid-shaft is dry, and then proceed through the ends. While pulling the brush through my hair, do it in an upwards motion so you get curl and volume. If you somehow pull it downward, you are going to lose volume and curl.


  • Then work your way all around the head in steps— first the bottom and then the next row and the next row above that. Continue till you reach the crown area.
  • When you get to the crown, now focus on volume—if you want the top section to have the most volume, concentrate on drying it in an upward motion.
  • Once you complete drying, wrap each of the top sections back up in the brush and provide a blast with cool air until your hair i9s properly cooled off. Twist your hair in the brush very softly to give it a little curl.
  • If you don’t have bangs, blow dry all the way through upwards and backside; when your hair is completely dry, part your hair wherever you want. If you somehow part your hair first, then your hair is still wet, you’ll lose a lot of volume.

learn the detailed process of how to blow dry hair.

Wash your hair using the regular shampoo but for better blow drying effect wash with a moisturizing shampoo. This type of shampoo will provide extra moisture to protect your hair from the effect of blow dryer. You don’t need to buy expensive brand, look around to find the best.

Towel off your hair- slightly towel off your hair to stop the dripping. Do not rub your hair roughly cause the friction can split the ends and make damage to your hair. Gently wrap the towel around the hair and squeeze the water out. If your hair is very short at length wrap the towel and rub gently. If you feel pain or damage use common sense and stop.

Separate your hairs into sections- separate the hair into sections. The bigger you take the sections the longer you will need to dry. It’s best to go for the four to six sections. Make sure that everything is detangled if you have thick hair try using longer clips. If your hair is a bit short part them into two sections.

Start blow drying at the top or roots-  start about six inches away from the scalp. Maintain this distance for no burning. Do not blow dry in an upwards motion to prevent damage. Dry your hair on your scalp preventing the moisture from soaking the rest.

Work your way down the hair sections- Remember to move the blow dryer around and avoid focusing too much heat on the head area. If you focus the dryer on the spot it will be dry out and can burn the hair. Leave your hair a little bit damp and don’t make the hair dry. Leave it tolerably naturally in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Finish with a blast of cold air- this will help you to lock the shine. Brush through the hair gently and remove any tangles with a comb or fingers. You can use a tiny olive oil for a more natural option. These will work to keep the locks shiny and smooth.

I hope you got what you wanted. Now on blow drying at home is no fuss! Follow these easy and simple steps to get blow dry hair straight. There are more tips and tricks are coming on the way. Thank you for visiting.

How to Blow Dry Hair At Home

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