4 Amazing Beauty Tips For Teens : Easy & Simple

Usually teenage especially girls have tendency to look glamorous and gorgeous. They think if they take gorgeous make up , they will look better. On the other hand boys tend to like girls who usually have simple make up but attractive in look. Maximum boys think the simpler the better- what is controversial totally. By thinking about teens I have made this post. You will get here beauty tips for teens. I am sure after reading this post on beauty tips for teens; the girls will surely re-visit my blog to thank me.

If you visit online and go through beauty blog, I am sure you will find loads of beauty tips for teens. But among those you will find very few which really work. Anyways, I have made this post after a long research and experiment, what you can consider a complete guide on beauty tips for teens.


Foundation is the most commonly used beauty kits that maximum girls use. There are different types of foundation that are available in the market.  They are: Tinted Moisturizer, Stick, Creams, and Minerals.  While buying foundation for your makeup, pay a look to your skin tone. Choosing a wrong one may prove the wrong decision that you ever made. If you use something to look you beautiful, but it seems like a mask, what will happen? I am sure you will not be happy with that. But quite unfortunately maximum teens make this mistake by following wrong beauty tips for teens. They chose a wrong foundation based on their skin type, what later lead them to look like a clown. While buying just be a little careful to find out the right one, because you are not going to buy a color for your skin, rather you are doing something very important for your perfect makeup. This is not only a trick but also the most important beauty tips for teens. If you are thinking how the works to be done how will you do that? This nothing just a little bit of smartness get your work done. Ask all the samples to your nearest beauty kits shop then chose the right one for you as per as your skin tone. Now a day mineral based foundation is quite popular among the girls. It is based on powder what easily blend up with any kind of skin tone.

Eye shadow

After getting the right foundation for your skin your next task goes to choosing a perfect eye shadow color for your eyes. Eyes makeup is really important to get a perfect girl. This is one of the most important beauty tips for teens to choose light eye shadow color.  As you are very young you can choose light color like golden, silver, brown or light pink. But for party you can prefer blue, green with highlighter. Yes, do not forget to use glitters as it’s your time to be colorful.  Go on this beauty tips for teens, certainly you will get your deserved appreciation.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Eyeliner and mascara the two things that is necessary for your eye makeup. This is one of the most important beauty tips for teens to get a pair of hypnotic eye. Just pull a line by using your liner then use your mascara. Make your lash a little bit longer and get a hypnotic eye.

Just a little bit blush

Just a little blush then complete your make up. Though many teens seem to use painted stripe across the cheekbones, what really look odd. The best beauty tips for teens to use a lighter one. It will make your skin glowing and attractive. After that just use a light lip gloss on your lip .Just get ready as per as the beauty tips for teens and leave a pinning heart around you to propose.

4 Amazing Beauty Tips For Teens : Easy & Simple