Amazing Beach Nail Designs With French Palm Trees Only For You : Don’t miss!

If you are a beach lover and you can’t wait to get your feet soaked in the water and feel the sand beneath your skin. What better way than to prepare yourself with a wonderful looking Palm Tree Nail Art design? Pam trees are a wonderful delegation of being fully emphatic and carefree. This is mainly because: palm trees are often combined with the vacation, leisure time and relaxation. You go a far distance from your city or country home to experience the sandy beaches of the nearest resort. Hitting the beach is a temptation that most cannot say no to. In addition, summer only comes once around the corner so a lot of people also want to get tanned or to rock their beach bodies when they have enough time.

If you are the type of person who loves the feeling of being on the beach all the time, then having your own Palm Tree Nail Art can be a wonderful rush of experience. You don’t even have to worry much about creating them because they are pretty much easy to do to yourself. All it takes is a bit of workout and practice to perfect the nail art.

Why go for the Palm Tree Nail Art design?

In some cases, palm trees also represent both a man and a woman. It has such common characteristics that can be applied to both men and women. They are also symbolism to show one’s being holistic, balanced and equal. The symbolism of being one and a whole is what makes the palm trees look special and well rounded. The way that the palm leaves also even out the shape of the tree makes it look well balanced and lovely.

In Christianly, Palm trees are also known as symbols of resurrection. Being reborn from a long rest or desolation are just some of the occasions greeted with Palm leaves. People often used Palm trees to welcome heroes or celebrate victories before which is why it will not be surprising to know that they are also associated with celebrations as well as baptisms and appoint people.

If you believe in what the palm tree symbols stand for, apart from loving its structure and sunny feeling then the next thing to do would be to learn how to make them on your own. Do not be too afraid to try it because if others can paint their own palm Tree designs, then why can’t you do it?

Painting your own Palm Tree Nail Art design

There is nothing too complicated about the process, and you will need just the simplest materials that you can even find in our own home. In just a matter of few minutes, you would become surprised to see how easy it is to recreate your very own Palm Tree Nail Art design.

This decoration is simply perfect for the summer holidays and getaways that you have planned beforehand. Play around with wonderful colors and blue shades that can make the sea and the sky background look even more beautiful.

Begin with painting two coats for the base of the art. These coats can help protect your nails in the layers that will come during the nail art design.

Pick two colors that complements each other, make sure one is light and one is a bit darker. You will use these colors to blend with each other. You can use a kitchen sponge to paint two lines of the colors one from each ends. Then with the tip of the sponge gently dab the polish in the middle for the soft gradient output.

For the leaves you will just have to draw the leaves with the colors.

After that continue cutting the straw and make it thinner to draw the trunk of the palm tree. Then continue adding the leaves on the Palm tree until you become satisfied with it. Seal the decoration with a clear coat on the top. Also, make sure that the design is dry enough before you add the final clear coat.

Later repeat the process to the other nails.

Amazing Beach Nail Designs With French Palm Trees Only For You