BaByliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron Review – Hair Straightener Beauty

The BabyBliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron is simply designed to work wonders especially on fine to normal hair texture. Most flat irons are just, well, flat when it comes to the design but with the pro, you can tell that a lot of thought has been put into the comprehensive package. It is sleek, smooth and versatile..

Oh! Did I mention the effective ceramic plates with ionic technology for shiny hair or heat recovery features for fast heating. In a nutshell, the BabyBliss flat iron certainly has a lot going for it and the best part is, you need not fret over burning holes in your pocket thanks to its pocket-friendly price tag. To put this into perspective, let’s have an in-depth look at the BabyBliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron.

The BabyBliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron:

You can never go wrong with the BabyBliss pro especially if you have fine hair, but what are the iron’s downsides? Does it compare to the cream of the crop when it comes to flat irons? Is it really worth your money in the first place? Well, let’s have a look.

The Good:

The one feature that distinguishes the pro from chuff is its highly effective porcelain ceramic plates. The plates basically heat evenly thanks to porcelain material, meaning there are simply no hotspots to damage parts of your hair. The ceramic part of the plate is used to evenly distribute ions for shiny, healthy hair. More importantly, though, the ions ago a long way in helping your hair recover from the heating application. This aspect Of the Pro makes it a fast iron worth investing in.

Speaking of fast, the BabyBliss Pro packs convenient four-inch plates. Now that’s pretty impressive for an iron plate its price range. If you’ve used a number of heating plates before, you will concur that this length is quite convenient and the pro virtually makes straightening your hair a walk in the park. Also, you get to avoid constantly burning your skin. The bottom line is, four inches plates serve as the ideal for any hair length and if you are always on the move, the pro is certainly a safe bet.

The 8-inch swivel cord is also worth a mention. With most plates, you literally get used to getting the wires tangled up; not with the babybliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron, though. The sufficient eight foot cord and swivel also make it ideal for use as a curl creating iron. In short you get an effective multi performance appliance for the price of one. Talk about great bang for your buck.

One thing we liked about the BabyBliss Pro is its simplicity. It has no sophisticated features or multiple buttons of no value to your hair. The simplistic product comes with a power button, temp control buttons and an old fashioned light indicator to let you know when it’s on or not. It is basically one of those user-friendly products you get acquainted to from the start. You should enjoy your BabyBliss Pro straightening experience.

Lastly, the BabyBliss Pro boasts the exclusive pro instant heat recovery feature to enhance uniform straightening of your hair. Unlike other plates, this one won’t lose heat during the whole application meaning you won’t have to keep redoing certain spots over and over again.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, even the best products have weaknesses and with the BabyBliss Pro Porcelain Plate Flat Iron, it is the fact that it isn’t effective at straightening thick, wavy hair. The outcome is a cumbersome experience worth forgetting.

Generally speaking, though, this is one of the best affordable flat irons you can get your hands on for those with fine to normal textured hair. It is not only very user-friendly, but also pretty darn effective at doing what it does best – straightening your hair.