Babyliss PRO Nano Titanium Review | Nano Titanium Thin Straightening

There are a lot of many good flat irons in the market and if you are desperately searching for the best hair straightener you can choose the brand Babyliss. They are still the biggest name in hair straightening tools though the struggle with other brands in the market is much harder than before. If you tend to make a list of the best hair straighteners, this brand should be on the top.

You can consider the brand as one of the trusted brands of flat irons. They focus on the products quality and technology. The company offers all kind of hair straightening products.  After using so many products I have chosen BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Flat Iron for my curly hair. There are a few irons that can straighten your hair with zero damage.It did make it easier to handle my hair. I was looking for a straightener that works more than a flat iron and this product does.

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium 1 Inch

The first option of a flat iron is it should work well and the right shape for curling.  I could buy any straightener but chose this one for the shape of the product. I was looking for an iron that deals with my curls.

What can it the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium do?

The flat iron gets heated very quickly so you do not have to waste your time waiting for it to heat up (like in other cases). Besides, it can heat up to 232° C and has 50°C heat settings. It has also a great ability to cool down after shut off. The titanium plates are good at conducting a high heat and resist digestion.

In case you decide to go max with the temperature, you don’t have to worry about burning your hands, as the Ryton housing resists ultra-high heat. However, you know me, I don’t recommend anyone to use excessive temperature, especially if you’re not using a very good heat protector.

The negative ions present in the plates will leave your manesoft and shiny. The titanium material generates far-infrared heat and penetrates the hair from the interior, which helps in gently straightening your strings. It does not pull the hair and leaves it without any or little breakage.

It has a slim and ergonomic diagram which makes it easy and comfortable to be handled.

The straightener comes with three years warranty and in case something happens to it, you can return the product. However, make sure to read all the commands in the warranty.

Not so great about it

I have been hearing lots of people complain about fabricates. A lot of mongerssell fake products that happen to appear just the same as the usual one. So, as I always say you, be very careful when purchasing a product. Check the reviews of the seller and make sure that it’s the right product what you are going to buy.

Some people say that it might leave your mane static or frizzy and this can be a big turn off if you want to have it as soft as it possible. Also, some buyers are saying that this straightener is quite bad for very frieze hair. And it can be understood as the plates are narrow. If your mane is thick maybe you want to try this one instead.

This straightener, like many other models, does not have a dual voltage which is clearly a disadvantage when you want to travel as it requires you to find an adaptor and the almighty knows what else…

Lately, I’ve become a big fan of hair products that have an auto shut off. Us, girls are just too oafish not to have this feature. So, make sure that you remember to turn it off manually before you leave for the outings.

Thin Body Can Make Tighter Curls

The plates are 1 inch but they look much thinner than that. It is a very thin iron around the outside of the plates. The plates are thinner than many other ceramic straighteners. The small size offers you to have pretty sweet curls that are really interesting.

Titanium, Not Ceramic

This iron comes with titanium plates instead of regular ceramic plates. This thing makes it different from others. Some of the iron’s plates are made of metal and coated with ceramic but they are made of just titanium without any coating. You will notice huge difference between the titanium and other ceramic or metal plates.

Longer Plates for More Coverage

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium flat iron has 1.5 inch long plates that mean you can cover more hair in a single pass. It cannot cover half of your hair at a time but can cover more than many other irons. This hair straightener comes in different sizes from 1 to 1.5 inch. I prefer the 1 inch version to use as a curling iron. Who has long hair should choose the 1.5 inch version.

Heat Heat HOT

The Nano titanium plates heats up to 450 degrees. It heats up very fast and suitable for my hair type especially curly or frizz hair. One of the bad thing of this straightener is it has no temperature controller so sensitive hair should not be treated with its high temperature.

Ionic Not Ironic

BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium comes with negative ion technology and infrared heating technology. The ionic technology protects hair from damage and fizziness. The titanium plates help to provide all the temperature to your hair. It’s not a unique feature these days but it does make a difference when you’re trying to get your hair long lasting straight. Some people stated that it leaves hair a little static, if it happens it would be annoying. I had not experienced like this.

Stays On Until You Turn It Off

I don’t like the hair straighteners that have not auto shut off feature. This iron doesn’t turn off automatically and stays on until you turn it down. So if you leave it in the house by mistake it can create a big problem like burning house or burning skin. You should re consider before buy this product for this thing.

Nano Titanium Thoughts

Considering all the features this Nano titanium iron is the way to try. I am very used to with ceramic plates so can’t decide whether the titanium should buy or not. It allows fast heating and high temperature settings to work like professionals.

If you think the BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium has the features you want at a price that doesn’t hole your pocket, then you can go online or your nearest shop to buy one.

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