7 Useful Tips On How To Take Care Of Long Lustrous Hair

Wondering how to take care of long hair? Its annoying sometimes, true! If your hair is long, you must have faced detangled problems.. If you want long hair or you already possess the beauty of Rapunzel, keeping your hair manageable has always been hard fought task. For a sustaining beautiful hair, all you need to know is how to take care of long hair, which is, of course, a much more complicated mission than it might appear!

7 Useful Tips On How To Take Care Of Long Lustrous Hair


The second name of trouble is damage! You have split ends and some broken strands here and there. No matter what the damaged hair won’t stay long for too long because it’ll break off. The another demon is accidental locks caught up. The honest truth is you cannot control the whole damage, but there are tips on take care of long hair you can take to properly care for your hair and minimize the breakage and split ends.

If you bent on keep your long hair, and ready to do whatever you can do you’ve got to keep your hair healthy, here are some tips for you to take care of long hair

1. Maintain a healthy scalp

Your main challenge is to maintain a healthy scalp, which means never let natural oils of your hair pull off every time you showered. The easiest way to prevent this is just do nothing!  Do not wash your hair every single day!

2. Stay Hydrated

The secret of sustaining healthy hair hydrated head. Whether you want to grow your hair, or maintain a healthy hair, the ‘must do’ is drink a lot of water because if you’re dehydrated, your hair is likely to have less potion. So drink a lot, a lot of water. It’s definitely good for you in every way, and when you are healthy, your hair will be healthier and sleek!

3. Use proper brush

The regular task should brush your hair frequently. To get result you need to use the right brush. A wide-tooth comb is the regular brush for you. Besides use a small detangling brush like Tangle Teezer. While brushing, start from the bottom and to the way up. That is the way to deal with the knots of your hair, avoiding breakage and split ends.

4. Never use curly iron

Any type of heat near to your hair is in fact cause damage to your hair. Try avoiding Curly Iron or any kind of iron.  Use other means to curl if necessary (such as brush, foam rollers) without subjecting your hair to harm. If you must to use a hair dryer, be sure to use it on the coolest setting.

5. Prevent Breakage When Sleeping

Real damage happens to your hair while sleeping, especially if you’re not a steady sleeper at night. Some people choose to silky or velvet surface to prevent hair breakage. The best way is that loosely braid your hair before going to sleep on your regular bed. In fact, cotton pillowcase with a high thread count can be equally good to the silky smooth surface.

6. Do not backcomb

Backcombing your hair seems awesome! It can add some much-desired volume, but eventually, it allows breaking your hair! And get you horrible split ends. If you’re really desire of having long hair long, then stop teasing it. Use other products to increase volumes like a good salt spray or even a dry shampoo.

7. Be Patient

Long hair demands long time to grow and to maintain. On an average, hair on a human head grows at a rate of about half an inch every month. Long hair usually requires much attention and dedication. Give ample time and find beautiful long hair.

Some useful tips:

Use condition your hair once a month

Brush your hair only when it is completely dry

Try to avoid the use of hair dryers hair dryers leaves weakening of hair.

Trim your hair at regular intervals of 1- 2 months to avoid spilled ends.

Comb out each portion of your gently from tips to the bottom

Follow these tips attentively on a regular basis. These tips are easy to follow. For long, beautiful and attractive hair these tips on take care of long hair is much useful.