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7 Super Sex Tips Your Partner Will Love – Try Today!

Turn Off the TV
There is nothing sexy about prime time TV. When a couple if watching television before having sex they see a lot of material that is not sexy. When a couple begins to mess around the television should go off. This will also help prevent distractions. If a person is caught watching tv during sex their partner will not be happy and this will kill the mood.
Background Music
While the television off a couple may not like the room completely silence. The right type of music can be played to enhance the experience. Background music can make sex more run. The right music is needed though. When in doubt turn on Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye. This will help set the mood for a night of good sex.

Ice can be fun during sex. Ice is useful when a woman is looking to give her man great oral sex. Men love oral sex to begin with but ice can make the experience even better. Before pleasing her man a woman should put an ice cube in her mouth. She should go down on him and then take the ice out of her mouth. Going from cold to warm will stimulate his senses and drive him wild.
These are just some sex tips to help a person please their partner and make sex and overall more enjoyable experience. These tips can help keep sex interesting for both parties and allow them to enjoy pleasure while they are giving their partner pleasure as well.

7 Super Sex Tips Your Partner Will Love - Try Today!