7 Home Remedies For Better Sex Drive

Sex drive which is also referred to as libido is a person’s general longing or desires for sexual activity. Sex drive can be influenced by biological, psychological, health or medical conditions, age relationship issues, lifestyle and social factors among others. Biologically, sex hormones are responsible for regulating libido in both men and women.

Psychological factors such as stress and personality can as well affect sex drive, where as social factors like family and work may affect libido as well. As a result of all these factors, sex drive may be adversely affected. A decline in sexual desire at some point in life is a common observable fact, but if it continues to persist it ends up being an obvious problem which should be remedied.

Seven Home Remedies For Better Sex Drive

There are various home remedies that can improve sex drive, which include the following:

First is ginger herbal supplement. Despite ginger being an excellent remedy for gastrointestinal disarrays, it is also a good home remedy for boosting sex drive, it involves taking ginger everyday so as to help with hormonal issues in addition to increasing sexual desire.

Second is that, another home remedy for achieving better sex drive is an apple. As the old saying goes ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Therefore having an apple with honey is important as it helps in increasing sexual desires. This is an ideal remedy that can work for both men and women. An apple dessert can be prepared, which is regarded as the most effective sex booster.

Third is that almonds are also regarded as idyllic home remedies for restoring and boosting sex drive as well as curing impotency. It can either be eaten raw or be mixed with milk, either way it will help in alleviating sexual desires. Other people soak the almonds overnight and then the following morning they peel and eat them hence attaining the same results.

Forth is eating dates which are regarded as extremely high strengthening food that has the ability of resulting to better sex drive. They improve overall vigor as well as improving the state of mind. Eating at least one date daily every morning is imperative in fighting low sex drive and sexual impediment.

The fifth home remedy for better sex drive is use of onions and garlic. These are known to be effective as one of the best sex drive boosters. This can be done by mixing onion juice with fresh ginger juice and then taking the mixture daily with some honey. Garlic milk can as well be prepared by mixing milk, water and chopped garlic; the mixture is then boiled until only desirable amount of it is left. This drink is a recommendation to people who are suffering from low sex drive as it helps in boosting sexual desires. So as to achieve favorable results, it should be taken at bedtime.

A six home remedy for achieving a better sex drive is called kava kava which is a renowned herb. This is looked upon as the best natural remedy which enhances sexual desires if taken in high doses. When a person takes this herb, a typical warm feeling is experienced which helps in stimulation of the genitals hence resulting sexual longing. It is usually recommended to be taken in the form of tea about an hour before sex.

Lastly, another home remedy that can help in achieving better sex drive is herbal plant known as tribulus terrestrials which originated from India. The herb is vital for curing low sex drive for both men and women. In addition the herb is used in India for the treatment of kidney, cardiovascular, liver and urinary related complications.


Personal lives and relationships may be placed at a vulnerable position because of an issue of low sex drive. Healthy sex drive is a natural and a vital part of a person’s life therefore whenever a person experiences sings of low sexual desires, they should investigate the causes and invoke the appropriate remedy considering the home-natural remedies which are safer and reliable.

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