6 Common Mistakes That Can End A Relationship

Relationships to many is a beautiful experience especially when you get to be with a partner who loves, cares, understands and will almost do anything for you. Unfortunately as good as it may sound, relationships are not easy to maintain since there are some mistakes that one is likely to do that may cause temporary and even permanent breakups . Each and every relationship is different and all are prone to weaken through the mistakes that we do not even knowing we are doing harm to the relationship. As the saying goes, man is to error, we will always end up making some mistakes which luckily or unluckily.

help us learn and rebuild ourselves from the past mistakes. Prevention is better than cure and avoiding that which can harm your relationship the better for you and your partner. Below are some common mistakes that can ruin even the most solid relationship.

Six Common Mistakes That Can End A Relationship

Spending time together

In each and every relationship, quality time is needed so as to help bond and get to know each other’s likes and interests. Failing to spend time with your better half is a common mistake that many couples do especially because of tight schedules at work or simply because you think you know each other better. It’s always better to set aside some time to be with your loved one and enjoy what you both like best together.


Communication the key to almost all relationships since one is able to air his or her grievances or likes. It’s nice if you let your better half know what’s bothering you since he or she may assume you are doing good while in the real sense you are not.

Trust and honesty

Trust and honesty are vital ingredients in relationships and can easily ruin relationships if not displayed and exercised. Keeping secrets from each other is not the best solution in a relationship because it ends up robbing the respect and love you have build over

the years. Share your thoughts and trust each other because each good relationship is based on trust and honesty.


Too much sticking together does not make much sense especially if you are not into that particular thing and you are only doing it to make your partner happy so he or she won’t get hurt if you don’t stick around. Maybe your partner wants to be with you to watch a match in the local stadium and you are not a gaming fun you will always fill trapped and if this issue is not dealt with quickly, love between you two may start to drift. Being stuck to someone all the time is boring especially when not interested with what he or she is doing. Spending quality time together is recommended but being stuck to your spouse twenty-four seven days a week.


Cheating on your spouse comes as a result of not loving or simply because of other issues that seem justifiable. But all in all cheating will definitely create a big rift in your relationship because no one wants to share his or her significant one with someone else. Avoiding cheating on your spouse at all costs for a healthy relationship that will take you far probably into marriage if not married and if married, it will prolong your happiness and relationship.

Expecting the best

Everyone is not perfect and will never be so the earlier you know this, the better since some enter into relationship and they expect the very best from their partners only to get themselves disappointed. Perfection is what we don’t all have but at least with trying the best to get the best can somehow bring the perfection we desire easily but naturally without being someone else.

Love is great especially when no hiccups are involved so be keen on these mistakes and avoid them and if your partner is making them, talk to him about these issues to avoid ruining your relationship.