10 Effective Ways To Prevent Split Ends & Take Back Your Hair

Your long lustrous hair ends just keep on splitting! Peoples who use straighteners and curling irons, hair care products regularly.  Worry using right products that solve most problems like split ends, finding it hard to win the battle against split ends! This article is for them who aims at the solution and for sustaining period. So scroll down.

How to prevent split ends effectively

1. Learn to work second-day hair

You consider everyday shower is a must, I agree! But do you really need to wash your hair every day?  Hair contains natural oil, your task it to preserve it — washing hair every other day preserves hair oils, leaves your hair silky, smooth and protected. Surprisingly some styles will work better with the second or even third-day hair! So hop on shower wearing a towel or a shower case on the next day. Get used to it! Treat your hair with some antioxidants replenish your hair every once in a while.

2. Brush wisely and correctly

First, choose the type of brush! For daily brushing, choose a comfortable paddle brush with low dense and flexible bristles. So you can detangle hair with ease. Hard brushes with strong bristles will rip your hair apart if you use it normal daily brushing on knotted hair. Next- do not push your knots off at a single effort that may result in tangled clamp at the tips of your hair. The right way is, first carefully brush through your ends, and then slowly work up to the midsection. At the end, you can brush through the entire length of your hair.

3. Shampoo only your scalp

Clumping all of the hair during shampoo is not the proper way. This unnatural and molding and rubbing create split ends. Instead, smear shampoo onto your scalp, rinse the shampoo through your hair. Use a paraben-free shampoo or use something that is gentle and lightly cleanses.

4. Condition your ends

Use conditioner directly to the ends of your hair and allow it to a couple of minutes to soak in. Do not rinse your hair completely dry as many people hate the greasy feelings on the hair.

5. Towel drying

Scrubbing with a towel every inch of your hair is not the right way! Wet and vulnerable hairs tend to loose on unruly directions, therefore, promotes breakage. Instead, wrap a towel around hair and simply squeeze to drain the moisture.

6. Wide-tooth combs with wet hair

Wet hair is very vulnerable and prone to damage. But at the same time, you must brush before styling in the case of where it is essential to style on wet hair. In that case, invest in a wide-tooth as opposed to a normal brush with thick bristles, the wide-tooth comb easily glide through hair and manages your locks gently without causing as much breakage.

7. Blow drying: Know your purpose

If you are used to blowing drying, this is what should do – avoid placing direct heat on hair ends. When the roots and upper lengths of your hair are dry, then lead the blow dry your ends with a brush. In a case of other heat styling products concentrate most drying around the roots and upper lengths of hair. Make sure hair tip gets the second-hand heating.

Hair Straightening

While straightening hair, try using a brush to guide through. Take up the portion you want to straighten, run a brush down your hair, place straightener directly behind the brush. This aligns hair in one direction and reduces the risk of creased damage and split ends.

9. Curling

While curling, begin at your roots and guide hair through the curling iron as you twist up. Never ever start from the end. The better solution is avoid curling iron as much as possible. Do not prone to over-styling. Give your hair a chance to breath. Say hello to that beautiful natural hair you possess!

10. Trims

When hair are splitting left and right, lost completely. A trim is a solution as it helps to regulate split ends. To stop splitting, you have to maintain regularly. Besides get a regular haircut, the best trick is to cut the ends off before they become split. Since every hair is unique do not hesitate to visit the specialist when necessary.

These are some tips on how to prevent split hair. Follow through and enjoy beautiful hair. Keep visiting for more!

10 Effective Ways To Prevent Split Ends & Take Back Your Hair