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10 Unexpected Love Quotes | Best Love Quotes For Her Of All Time

you are trying to search unexpected love quotes ? you may find some unexpected love quotes here .but lets see how someone defines love .in the question of love the answer should be that , you are not in you ,you are in someone else is called love, your favourite things are no longer your feverish things  they are just changed with someones likes and dislikes is called love , you feel soo alone that you are not able to do anything when the person you love is not with you is called love. so there is no definition for love but there are many examples for love. love can be one sided ,two sided or a triangle but love is to sacrifice something for someone you love which is beneficial for the person you are loving is called true is a beautiful thing . you won’t understand until you fall in love . 

unexpected love quotes

love is a beautiful thing until you fall in it.