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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Successful Drunk Sex

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There are many occasions or events that lead to drunk sex for people in any age bracket beyond the age of 16. However, there are rules not written down but moral and logical when it comes to what to do and not to do during drunk sex. Nevertheless, if the liquor and sex are in the right amounts, great memories are sure going to be created. Drunk sex is entirely a different affair whether the partners are in one-stands, friends with benefits, serious relationships and even marriage situations. Below are the dos and don’t s of successful drunk sex.

DO communicate with your intentions to your partners

There is nothing wrong with expressing sexual interest in another individual. That applies for people who have just met, people who frequently meet and people who have had sex together. Communication avoids a lot of other troubles that are likely to occur especially when people are drunk. Do not necessarily talk about sex but establish an intimacy rapport and get to know that you are both on the same page. If you are afraid of the topic, simply ask opinion on sexuality from general topics and get to more sensitive topics once you are more close.

DO use condoms

Drunk sex sounds cool until when it is not. If you do not want to get the when its not part, then use a condom for birth control and shielding yourself against STDs. The is the argument of using a condom lowers sensitivity, but that doesn’t mean there is no orgasm and pleasure at all. When you are drunk, you are likely to have sex with different people who you have just met or do not know much about. Imagine what it would be like if you start making serious decisions like keeping a baby or abortion with someone you met a few hours on a Friday night. To avoid such issues use condoms or at least any other form of birth control.

DO plan before hand

This means, you should at least know where you are going to go before the bottles are too many. Whether it is your place, a friend’s place, hotel room or your new potential sex partners place just have an idea. Again, both men and ladies should arm themselves with condoms and birth control pills. This is to make sure you do not have any regrets after enjoying some great sex. If you are a virgin, it is important to consult an expert or a trusted individual on what sex is like and what you should expect meaning you are not ambushed by anything at all.

DON’T be reckless

Just because you have drunk a few rounds and met this pretty lady or handsome guy doesn’t mean you are good to have sex. Try to know your partner or at least clearly define your relationship. The most successful drunk sex events takes place when both partners are clear on what they expect from a relationship. For example people in a relationship are like to have a more pleasurable moment when they engage sexually while drunk. If you pick your partners wrongly you are sure to have regrets based on bad experiences. Of course even random drunk sex is a great experience but make sure you do not want to be left on the bad side at the end of the story.

DON’T stick to one sex position

Any position will become boring if used long enough. Varying the position is a great way to show your sexual prowess as well as explore the body of your partner even more. Change the sex position after at least half an hour. This makes the drunk sex even better creates a communication link. Finally, do not keep going for to long since sometimes it is just enough.

DON’T do anything you’re uncomfortable with

Do not have sex without protection if you do not want. Do not engage in a sexual position if you are not comfortable. It is important to remember that drunk sex is only successful when both partners are enjoying each others bodies.

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