10 Best Fall In Love Quotes

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Are you searching for Fall In Love Quotes? you may find here cause we have got some Fall In Love Quotes here but lets discuss about falling in love. Falling in love is most happiest thing ones life but Friendship is a beautiful part in a love relationship. Becoming ones best friend,one can be ones lover too. Because where there is no friendship. there is no love. Love means shearing, caring , depending,being ones habitual part, sacrificing etc etc.. In a friendship there is a great bond among two friends , there is a great understanding too.There may be some miss understandings or some unfortunate happenings among two but in these the compromise among two person is called friendship and making this friendship a habit is called love . love means being ones diary , being ones routine,Being ones most important part of life etc etc…..

10 Best Fall In Love Quotes

Love is not just about friendship, it is about caring too . 

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