10 Fake Love Quotes | Best Fake Love Quotes And Sayings

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Are you searching for Fake Love Quotes? here are some Fake Love Quotes. but lets have a discussion on Fake Love Quotes. fake love is nothing but one sided love . fake love is to betray a person who loves him or her.

As love is the most wonderful thing for a lover but in the other hand fake love is the worst part for a lover . love is an emotion and to play with ones emotion is a great sin. So, fake love is a great sin. In this the person who is the victim, suffers a lot. Sometimes he or she commits suicide. There can be a lot of examples of love but there is no definition for love. Cause love is a wonderful feeling which travels from one to another.  A man/women cannot be happy without love because where there is no love there is no emotion ,there is no anger, there is no delight . without emotion a man/women is nothing but a robot but men cannot be robot or A machine. Trust is an important part of a friendship along with love relationship. One who risks something important for another without any guarantee is called trust. Sometimes this trust issues becomes the main source of miss understanding. Because if you do not trust another then you would have a small doubt on whatever he is up to in this the misunderstanding takes place  and it makes the relationship weaker. so,trust in every relationship is essential. so,fake love means to break the trust and make the business. And breaking ones heart is a great sin.

10 Fake Love Quotes | Best Fake Love Quotes And Sayings

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